GDS can provide you with a money handeling solution that will suit your business requirements be this a national bank or the corner cafè. Manualy handeling cash can lead to human errors that impact the smooth running of your business. Be it coins, notes or currency verification contact the GDS sales team for your solution.


GDS has a wide variety of note handeling equipment to suit your needs from standard note counters and note sorters. With fetures such as multi currency support and counterfeit detection options.

Note Counters are essential to processing your notes in an efficient and reliable manner. GDS has options to suit any size business. Various featues are available from standard note counting, multi currency, counterfeit detection and machines that do all that and faster. Some noteworthy note counter models are the Laurel J-710A, EV 8650 and the Heavy Duty EV 8672 STD;

The J-710A ranked as one of the most economical and simplest model among the “Laurel” range of Friction Currency Counters.;Variable counting speed of up to 1500 notes per minute.

The EV8650 is the premium model from the range of multi-currency counters and therefore has all the key technological elements of the EV86 series. It is the most advanced currency counter ever produced by De La Rue and is designed specifically with counting efficiency in mind.

The 8672 high function, heavy duty desktop currency counter, provides currency specific authentication at speeds of up to 1750 notes per minute. The heavy duty machine provides smooth, fast and reliable processing of banknotes.

The newest product line to join GDS Service Centre is the range of AVANSA Note Counters  from South Africa. 

Note Sorters are available with multi pocket options to not only sort various currencies and denominations but also counterfeit notes. Two noteworthy note sorters are the ST 350 and the Cobra 8 pocket sorter;

The ST 350 is a 3.5 pocket fitness sorter with a sorting speed of 1000 notes per minute and three full pockets and a reject pocket. With multi currency counterfeit detection and standard support for ZAR & NAD.

The Cobra 8 pocket is a radically different desktop note sorter: modern, multifunctional and purpose-designed for how you need to work today, with the capability to adapt to your future cash handling needs.

GDS has a wide variety of coin handeling equipment to suit your needs from standard coin scales to coin sorters & coin counters.

The Kingship Coin Scale is a reliable scale suitable for weighing of both ZAR and NAD coins of all denominations INCLUDING THE NEW N$ 10.00 COIN.

The Blackbird3300 is an easy to operate and reliable coin counter able to operate at 2300 coins per minute.

The Pelican provides a high speed counting and sorting operation of up to 1100 coins per minute in both ZAR and NAD denominations. It combines reliable rail sorting with unique electronic counting sensor technology, which provides outstanding accuracy.


The newest product line to join GDS Service Centre is the range of AVANSA Coin Counters from South Africa.

Our most popular offerings are presented in this PDF document for you you may download the file here  GDS-Brochure.pdfpdf.

The GDS sales team is ready to assist you with your money handeling queries please contact us today.

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